Saturday, April 19, 2008

pasties, meet pie

We tried new things and an oooold fav tonight= Pasties. Both good, need some improving on the Sfeeha (Lebanese meat pies). Let's see pasties had potatoe, beef, and onions. Meat pies had lamb, onions, pine nuts, and allspice. Made the same dough for both, matt says we need more flavour in the dough for meat pies. We'll try that next time. This is the Sfeeha filling
finished meat pie a whole bunch of pasties... yuummm
you can see the filling is delish! mmmm potatoooeess

birfday cake y'all

This was matty's bday cake last year. It's red velvet cake with, of course, cream cheese icing. YAY! Lovely, just lovely. I have such great handwriting...