Thursday, February 28, 2008


somehow i was inspired... i had an epih... and it was chicken related. i looked at my arch nemesis (GE freezinator) and i said, "alright chicken you are going to be tasty and you are going to like it." that's when it happened... i was struck by a sudden thought. there was the artichoke dip, there was the breakfast sausage... it had to be done. i can't get a good pic o' the swirl, but it had the sausage and artichoke dip inside. it was covered in a mix of onions and parm and pecans... which i chopped at considerable danger to myself and others. well somebody shouldn't sneak up on me when i have a knife... i could only eat about half on one of the breasts, so i guess it was a little heavy but it was soooo good. i have no picture of the mushrooms. this is all that was left.

aawww, the forks are cuddling♥

on an unrelated, related note i spilled ranch aaaalll over the top right hand side of my laptop keyboard. my backspace doesn't work anymore. it makes a kind of sticky noise when i try to use it (over and over and over again). we did the best we could.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


i need to be chickenly inspired. i made mesquite lime chicken tonight. it was good and tender but not great. i think it would have been better if i had gotten skin-on but someone doesn't like the skin-on chicken. crispy...mmmmmm. anywhozzle, we had asparagus with it which i steamed in a foil envelope with oil and vinegar and spices. i love asparagusssesss a bunch. chicken and mushrooms tomorrow. i think i'll "bread" it with crispy onions and nuts and parm cheese and spices. i don't know if mushrooms count as a side dish... if i make a creamy sauce for them i think that will do very well indeed. i made trout last night and it was superb. i feel like i'm bragging here but it was so very easy to do. on the side, we had broccoli with lemon butter. i don't think i've ever had trout before, but i will continue to eat it in the future (were trying to do more fish, yay!). i wonder if i should do recipes on this?

Friday, February 22, 2008


I am back from vegas. you can now commence the celebrations. back in town and super tired. i have slept not a lot at all and i have walked tooooo much. the convention was very informative, but that town is tough. there are people out doing something ALL THE TIME. and they are all smoking... lots of stinky cigars. and there are machines that trick innocent girls and steal all of my their money. all of it ($10). i did not take any pictures of the buffets (sorry raymie). but they were awesome. i ate a new fruit, it was furry, or spinney... i don't know how to describe it. but the inside was sort of grape/jelly-like. very cool. they had alaskan king crab legs as well. the best thing at all of them was the roast prime rib beef (is that out of order?). i ate some at every hotel, so i am quite the expert. and my next favorite thing was the unlimited soda. one never knows just how addicted one is to diet coke than when a small bottle costs $3. somebody ordered pizza last night in texas... so i suppose i'll have scratch that plan and make something for dinner. however... there is some pizza left over... ps if you ever go to vegas bring chap stick (at least one tube per day)

Friday, February 15, 2008


ok so for ♥day i made meatloaf (no meat pics sadly) and apple pie. the ♥s got a little burnt on top because i got sugar on them and i should have used aluminum protection. however, they are still unbearably cute.

meatloaf = vegetarian converting. it was so good. dude.

i don't know why i need to start everything i write with ok so... but this blog will be about the things i cook for eating. they will be awesome and you will most likely want to come over for dinner. we don't have a table people so byot.