Saturday, July 19, 2008

the germans

we went to a german restaurant last night. not so much. i have made much better spatzle slash jager schniztle (doesn't it seem like i made all those words up?). let's just say our waitress was very not german, maybe that should have told me something. that's not to say that non-germans can't cook german food well... but it was something of an omen. just ick can i also just say that last post about the tuna makes me come back and look at it? i mean just look at it i think that's the best picture i've (nay any one's) ever taken, ever. and it was so delicious... ness... ly! see that's a word.

Monday, July 14, 2008

i love you seared tuna

aah aahh aaaahhh... aah aahh aaaahhh... seeeeaard tuuna (that first part was from the little mermaid). man, oh man that was so good. all i did was warm up a pan and put some pepper and salt and olive oil in there. wholly geez. (this particular tuna was left over from sushi prep so you know its good and fresh! - we never got to the tuna ... only did the salmon (wish i had pictures!)).
and here is the slushee a la matty pants:


if somebody finishes making lemon slushes in the kitchen ... i will make seared tuna and it will be great. pictures to come