Wednesday, November 5, 2008

pot roast with fall vegetables

i love fall. i love sweet potatoes. what's better on cool-ish fall day than pot roast with a chunk of bread? absolutely nothing at all. speaking of fall, thanksgiving is coming up (except for those sadly misguided canadians who already celebrated some sort of "thanksgiving" to the north of us). we're going to matt's mom jane's house to hang out with her and matt's sister robyn's family. we've gone for the past two (?) years to visit jane. so this year should be different and obviously fun. matt's already planning what we're taking to houston thanksgiving. we brought a few pies and pumpkin rolls last year. i think we're going for a berry pie, pumpkin rolls (yum), and i think pecan pie (which is like the easiest pie ever in the history of pies. so, fingers crossed). and then, we're coming back up here to spend saturday at my grandmother's house warming (pool) party. at the end of november. it's a spanish themed margarita party. hopefully there will be a mariachi band.