Tuesday, December 23, 2008

best foods 2008

i stole this idea from another food blog....

  • sushi from osaka. if you like sushi, this place is sushtastic! they have the best buffet ever! they also usually have papaya which is one of the best fruits ever.
  • steak from abuelo's (papas anyone?)
  • hummus from deliman's grill
  • taramasalata from various hoity toity stores (i love you whole foods!)
  • bubble tea and dumplings from pho bistro (sadly the one near me shut down)
  • blue buffalo for the beasts (grain-free)
  • steak something and garlic bread from salerno's
  • diet limeade from sonic (gotta work the happy hour!)
  • corn casserole and sweet potatoes from thanksgiving
  • pretzels (toot toot!)
  • judy's snicker cookies in pittsburgh
  • la duni (everything!)
  • eat zi’s
  • prawns from empress of china
  • Lobster chops (with scallops!) from … red lobster (hangs head)
  • Jelly coconuts (every year)
  • nick’s pizza
  • beef and lemongrass noodles in houston at "Pho Something"
  • wild wing cafĂ© in houston
  • marble slabbery
  • vegas buffets (I wish they had some here… 19 bucks for all that and soda and dessert? Sign me up!) prime rib, sea bass, alaskan king crab legs, lychee fruit, dessert … mmmmm
  • fajitas, guacamole and flan at my vovo’s party (not all at the same time)
  • buffalo burgers from central market
  • jager schnitzel and fries with gravy and cheese (!) from max's allegheny tavern in pittsburgh