Saturday, December 27, 2008

english scones

the finished scones. semi-sweet chocolate chip and craisins.
scones pre-bake with cream and sugar on top so that they'll be shiny. oooo shiny. craisin scones before cream/sugar cut the square into eight triangle shaped scones with a bench scraper.
shape dough into a square with the bench scraper.
mix dough lightly until just combined. don't over mix.
dump cream and eggs onto counter over the flour mixture
mix flour and stuff together on counter. get butter out of freezer/fridge. cut into pea sized pieces and mix with flour mixture. then mix in your choice of additive (usually choc chips, craisins, blueberries, cinnamon sugar balls (where can i get these? i love these!))
based loosely on this recipe (oh, martha)