Friday, February 13, 2009


veggie chowdah, folks, is a hearty ice week meal. hearty. i love soup. so i simmered chicken broth with potatoes, two different kinds of mushrooms and onions (i stick blendered (i love stick blenders) the onions and mushrooms somewhat after sauteing them). where was i? oh yes, simmer stuff together. then in the other pan (there's another pan) make a roux with your choice of flour. i used somesort of gluten-free flour and butter and/or olive oil. cook the paste until cooked. add your choice of dairy product (halfandhalf, milk, cream, whatevs) to the roux, you want about half as much creamyness as brothyness. once smooth, no "flour" lumps, add some sharp cheddar cheese. when that melts put the broth mix and the cream mix together. add fresh (or canned) corn. enter into sublime soupness.