Monday, February 9, 2009

gluten has bested me once again

ok, so as many of you already know (ha!) i have recently come to the conclusion that i am at the very least gluten intolerant. ug.

i am going to be trying to figure this all out when it comes to eating and cooking. i will probably still make gluten-y stuff for my family and possibly matt (every night) so don't be dismayed. i'll be dismayed for you. and in the same vein... if you stumble across this blog in your gluten-free adventures please be aware that i still like to cook for other people. not everything will be kosher or whatever equivalent gluten-free word.

i'm totally bummed but it's really great to finally know what has been causing all the trouble. i now know the enemy and it's name is stupid wheat.

i am also going to try to post cool g-f stuff i find because i think that will be helpful to me. like this pizza! feel free to buy me one next time you're out. i've been looking for possible restaurants in our vicinity as well. so far jinbeh was very helpful in revising their menu to fit my sad needs. crapdonald's is stupid and i hate them even more (surprise, late at night coming home from the hospital, not a good time to have fries... i don't even go there. ever! turns out minimum wage employees don't care that french fries might contain wheat). i will carry on. (don't go there! they are mean!)