Friday, February 22, 2008


I am back from vegas. you can now commence the celebrations. back in town and super tired. i have slept not a lot at all and i have walked tooooo much. the convention was very informative, but that town is tough. there are people out doing something ALL THE TIME. and they are all smoking... lots of stinky cigars. and there are machines that trick innocent girls and steal all of my their money. all of it ($10). i did not take any pictures of the buffets (sorry raymie). but they were awesome. i ate a new fruit, it was furry, or spinney... i don't know how to describe it. but the inside was sort of grape/jelly-like. very cool. they had alaskan king crab legs as well. the best thing at all of them was the roast prime rib beef (is that out of order?). i ate some at every hotel, so i am quite the expert. and my next favorite thing was the unlimited soda. one never knows just how addicted one is to diet coke than when a small bottle costs $3. somebody ordered pizza last night in texas... so i suppose i'll have scratch that plan and make something for dinner. however... there is some pizza left over... ps if you ever go to vegas bring chap stick (at least one tube per day)