Thursday, February 28, 2008


somehow i was inspired... i had an epih... and it was chicken related. i looked at my arch nemesis (GE freezinator) and i said, "alright chicken you are going to be tasty and you are going to like it." that's when it happened... i was struck by a sudden thought. there was the artichoke dip, there was the breakfast sausage... it had to be done. i can't get a good pic o' the swirl, but it had the sausage and artichoke dip inside. it was covered in a mix of onions and parm and pecans... which i chopped at considerable danger to myself and others. well somebody shouldn't sneak up on me when i have a knife... i could only eat about half on one of the breasts, so i guess it was a little heavy but it was soooo good. i have no picture of the mushrooms. this is all that was left.

aawww, the forks are cuddling♥

on an unrelated, related note i spilled ranch aaaalll over the top right hand side of my laptop keyboard. my backspace doesn't work anymore. it makes a kind of sticky noise when i try to use it (over and over and over again). we did the best we could.