Tuesday, February 26, 2008


i need to be chickenly inspired. i made mesquite lime chicken tonight. it was good and tender but not great. i think it would have been better if i had gotten skin-on but someone doesn't like the skin-on chicken. crispy...mmmmmm. anywhozzle, we had asparagus with it which i steamed in a foil envelope with oil and vinegar and spices. i love asparagusssesss a bunch. chicken and mushrooms tomorrow. i think i'll "bread" it with crispy onions and nuts and parm cheese and spices. i don't know if mushrooms count as a side dish... if i make a creamy sauce for them i think that will do very well indeed. i made trout last night and it was superb. i feel like i'm bragging here but it was so very easy to do. on the side, we had broccoli with lemon butter. i don't think i've ever had trout before, but i will continue to eat it in the future (were trying to do more fish, yay!). i wonder if i should do recipes on this?