Wednesday, August 20, 2008

steak soup

ok for steak soup you need a top round beef roast- i've tried others but this has had the best result. and you need a crock pot. other than that you can improvise- well, you need cream too. i always make a bed of veg for the meat to sit on- onion usually or this time an orange pepper. then i chuck in a lot of spices- garlic, onion, mustard, red pepper, ground pepper, steak seasoning... um and whatever else. then some worsteshire sauce, broth (used chicken broth this time), and i put in some red wine- sometimes i use balsmaic vinegar. all of that is set on high for four hours or low all day. then take it out to the cutting board and i chop up the entire thing into bite sized pieces and chuck it back in the pot. add some cream until it's creamy. you can thicken it with flour or cornstarch and let it hangout in the pot for a little while longer. you can add other veggies... matt likes potatoes which are always good. (well, apparently matt likes mushrooms more than potatoes, fyi) and then of course you eat it: matt likes this soup and told his sister robyn about it, so this was for her (hi robyn!).