Monday, September 15, 2008

the infamous cake balls

matt my wonderful boyfriend manfriend, made balls made of cake for my birthday! yay! first... bake cakes. we did chocolate and yellah. then squish. then mix with frosting of choice. sample "cake goo." mmmmm. then make into balls of cake goo as big or small as you would like. you can also use an ice cream scoop to make them uniform sizes... matt just used the old eyeball measurement. aftere they are in balls put them in the freezer to get really hard and cold. that's a lot of toothpicks... i just used one in the end.
then a quick dip in chocolate (we used white chocolate "almond bark" and just chocolate chips to make a ganosh). the toothpick goes in the bottom and then use a fork on the bottom to remove and place on cookie sheet.
...and viola! balls of cake! delicious delicious delicious! the perfect bite of cake and chocolate together.