Thursday, April 30, 2009

bread pasta

so, i've had to eat wheat for two weeks (i think we're now getting into three... grrrr). so that sucks beyond your imagination! BUT i got to have "real" honest to goodness pizza, from nick's if you're wondering.
nick's also has amazing garlic rolls, sooo we had to get some of those as well. (wheat is sneaky and multiplies when you're not looking). what do you do with leftover rolls, you ask? make bread pasta. i think i originally got this idea from (rachael ray) eep. but eh, it's yummo regardless.
saute bread with spices and some evoo (i can't stop myself). i also added some spicy olive pizza topping. and then some tomato sauce to finish. it's bready, its crispy, its chewy, it's tender, it's [insert annoying pet name for bread here]. "how good is that?" ya know, for someone who's ashamed of having a rachael ray recipe you sure do know a lot of her catch phrases... you know what? you shut up.