Sunday, July 19, 2009

best meal ever!

we found some artichokes at the grocery store. they were hidden but we found them. anywho, i looove artichokes. however, there is a artichoke controversy in the becky household. matt wants to boil them and i want to roast them in the oven because they are so very much better the way i make them. obviously. (he only checks this thing sporadically so i'll assume that i'll never be contradicted. this will be a one sided story. the right story. the end.) the way i do it is to cut the top off, scrape out the pointy bits, sprinkle with acid (lemon juice or i used rice wine vinegar), slather them with butter and herbs and spices and olive oil and stuff (mostly the first stuff i said). then i settle them all in a pan together, pour a little chicken broth on the bottom, tin foil the whole lot to keep in the steam, oven them at 400'F for 40minutes, take off the foil, turn over, reduce to 350'F and roast until the tops are browny and delicious.
the steak i pan seared (in a pan) until seared. then the pan goes in the oven to your desired doneness. this is by far the best way to do this thang. easy and delicious. then i made a red wine sauce with the pan drippings/browny bits.