Friday, July 10, 2009

too much bacon?

fingerling potatoes are the best thing ever! i've been ovening them with bacon (oven bacon is the other best thing ever!). have you tried oven bacon? oh, oven bacon, how i love thee! i do it for 15 minutes at 400'F, then twist the pan, then like another 15 minutes. depending on your desired level of crisp. be careful with the nitrate free bacon it only needs about half the time.
for the potatoes i do them at 350-400'F until they smell wonderful and have a little browning on the cut bottom. i keep bacon in the freezer, so i throw some on top while the potatoes are cooking, to thaw. when thawed, squish the potatoes to one side and cook the bacon flat like above. remove from oven when crispy. crumble bacon on top with sharp cheddar cheese and chives. then die happy.