Sunday, October 5, 2008

the process

so, raymie wallsie asked me, regarding this post, "is that a screw driver? that you use? for screws?" (or something like that). i realized that i didn't really explain the process... the first picture shows the coconut in it's whole foods off the shelf form. it looks like this off the tree. then you cut off the soft white fiber-y pyramid on top (as shown). then you take a screw driver, yes the one for screws. it can be any kind you want.. phillips, flat head, you can even use a chisel. hammer your sharp sturdy weapon of choice into the coconut three times around the top. drain and drink the tasty tasty coconut water. then make several more holes around the top until you can take a piece of the top off (wide enough to fit a spoon through). finally scoop the jelly like meat of the coconut out and eat it! then you should send me a thank you note for introducing you to the best food ever. you're welcome.