Wednesday, October 29, 2008

the story (pizza egg rolls below)

kitten story as follows... 2 pm saturday becky takes the little dogs for a walkie. our usual saturday mid-day walk consists of walking down the fence that boarders our parking lot and the lovely post-office to the tree. now i don't know if you knew this, but, the post-office is not open all the time. in fact, it's not open a lot of the time and when it is open, there are seedy people sending packages full of who knows what (shady, shady packages).

so, it was 2 pm and the post-office was closed (you'll be glad to know this tidbit later on in the story). we were about to make it to the tree and we heard something. a small, tiny something making a small tiny sound. it was adorable and heart wrenchingly sad little noise that rips right into your brain. you need to find out how to make it stop.

i looked under the fence. no kitten. dafne helped by looking at the fence then whining. meew. listened for the sound. dafne furiously sniffed at one particular spot then helped when i tried to dig some grass clippings and dirt away from bottom of the fence. i reached under there and hoped that i might encounter a bit of fluff and not a pointy snake fang or something. this attempt was futile. i decided to take serious action. i got a stool.

there are no less than three fences between my apartment and the post-office, lest somebody try and steal the shady packages we went over earlier. a plastic fence on our side, a chain link fence with barbed wire on the top and a wooden fence facing the post-office. i climbed atop the stool which revealed a tiny screaming kitten in between two of the fences. the quandary was that it was between the chain link and the wooden fence. i think that the mother cat was moving the litter and was interrupted. the kittens, having no plan of their own, felt it would be a great idea to make their little way into the no man's land between chain link and wooden fence.

there was no way to get it without the help of postal workers. i had heard carts rolling along back there and hoped against hope that some kind soul would help me and help that tiny kitten (who is our future).

i trekked to the p-o which is apartment adjacent through the fence conveniently knocked down by industrious teenagers making their way to buildings of higher learning (LHS?). i went to the corner of the p-o where there is another fence which is an extension of chain link fence. "hellooo!" i said. "hellooo!" then a fine upstanding citizen came over to the fence to listen to my plight. i explained to him that there were tiny kittens in need of rescue. he, what a guy, said that he would clock out and see if anyone would help me.

a wonderful woman came out ten minutes later. she located the kittens, took one out of the fence (we realized there were actually two) and then put it back again (what?). she came back to the fence and asked if i wanted her to call animal control. i explained to her (again) that i the manager of cat hospital and would be willing to take the kittens with me. she said she would let me in and we could get them together because the other one was father back.

i went into the p-o, had to sign a visitor's list (hopefully, no letter bombs will be attributed to me (i have two kittens as an airtight alibi)). we proceeded to the back parking lot where the kittens were still meewing their little heads off. i may or may not have aided and or abetted slightly damaging government property (sorry old, falling apart wooden fence) to rescue said kittens.... they were angry and hungry and had to pee.

and that is the story of the kittens.