Sunday, October 19, 2008


karenann's birthday was almost a month ago... buuut we'll do a post about her anyway. because she's so greatness. my sister set up a surprise for my mother at salerno's italian restaurant. we had various dishes, i think the most talked about thing was the lobster bisque and the garlic bread. here she is being surprised. we invited some "denton friends" who were a big hit. thanks martha lynn and peggy! of course the family came, (even dad, the often discussed and rarely seen about town) joanie brought some of her friends and katie brought that girl who always follows her to all family functions (hi tiffany bro!).here she is talking while the candle is slowly covering the cake with wax. mmm wax.and here is the yummy crispy garlic bread. mmm it was so great. they served it with balsamic vinegar slash olive oil with all sorts of herbs floating in the bottle (at least i hope they were herbs).