Friday, March 20, 2009

flameeng chiz

we sometimes frequent local eateries in an attempt to enjoy a "night on the town" so to speak. we did just that a little while ago and were inspired to create our own el fenix ap in the privacy of our own couch.
inspired by el fenix, i present for your viewing/noshing pleasure: zee flameeng chiz! mexican melting cheese and chorizo sausage served with (what else?) chips (g-f). actually, you could use flour or corn (g-f) tortillas which is nice as well if slightly more messy- you will not believe the grease that comes off the sausage! even after draining! yowza!). the meat and schiz were purchased at a little place i like to call sprouts.
on a g-f note, the waiter was super helpful with my "dietary needs.*" he checked the seasoning for the steak and something else that i ate and it was all wonderful and non-reacty.
*i don't really know why "dietary needs" is in quotes. i felt it needed quotes.