Sunday, March 22, 2009

hummus and dolmas (yes again!)

another lebanese night! i guess we can now classify that we are officially on a "kick." a lebanese inspired "kick." and it is awesome. i'm even planning a hummus with oven roasted garlic. doesn't that sound like possibly the best thing ever? doesn't it?
also? if you've never roasted garlic do it right this moment! take a head of garlic and a medium square-ish piece of aluminum foil. then get together some spices. wrap it up with olive oil and all the spices you can imagine. pop it in the oven for oh, i don't know, like a few hours at like 350ish. until they're squishy and darker and they smell like awesome.
so we had lamb dolmas, hummus and pita (matt) slash rice crackers (me=g-f). so yum, easy to make and pretty healthy.